Regrets: good things remained to be done in life

Everyone has some regrets when looking back at one’s life.
I read somewhere that, ‘We don’t regret the things we had done but we regret more the things we could have but haven’t done’
Hence the tile ‘regrets: good things remained to be done in life’ because nobody would regret bad things not yet done in life.

To support this I would take example of smoking.
One could regret
1. good thing : ‘should have quit smoking earlier’
2. bad thing : ‘should have started smoking’

So, one would more likely regret 1.

As these are good things that we most likely regret about; I think, it’s never too late to do them. when regrets are combined with ‘it is never too late’ we can make our lives much beautiful. So if you combine ‘regret’ with ‘its never too late’ the smoking example becomes, ‘Its never too late to quit smoking’

I asked many of my friends about what regrets they have in their lives, here is what I got in response.
1. Is not opening up with parents, since 5 years, still not doing it, but want to do it.
2. Regrets that not played outdoor games in childhood, it’s affecting health.
3. Was and is too shy to talk to people.
4. Loves a girl and she is getting engaged.
5. Should have went on stage for speaking since childhood.
6. Regrets about career, wanted to be a policeman but became an engineer.

I asked them why they are not doing it and it was obvious to ask because they have already figured out the regrets themselves. I did not know what is refraining them.
They said they are just fine with what they are doing. I think, it’s because they are comfortable enough in their comfort zone.

I would like to encourage them to go and do it. Even if there are other regrets which sound stupid to other people.
Even if they would make mistakes.

I would say make a mistake because regretting not doing something is way more heartbreaking than regretting doing something.
Many times you wouldn’t know a mistake until you do a mistake. Imagine a life without mistakes; it would definitely be a miserable one.

Moreover, Mistakes make man more mature.
Let’s not regret and do it.