Risk Taken

It happened when I was in college in final year engineering.
Everyone was busy preparing for campus placements.

On 16th July 2012 we were about to face the first company. I was not much interested to opt for it. The technology they were using was not of my interest.

Then on 18th July 2012 another company was supposed to visit our campus, again I was reluctant to opt for it. Same reason.

I skipped both companies and opt for Nvidia the third company which visited on 20th July 2012. Well, skipping companies could be a normal thing for many people.

Here is why it was a RISK, I was an average student in my college. I was sure that third company Nvidia will not select more than 2-3 students. And all toppers and scholars from my college were waiting for Nvidia. So, my chance to get selected was very very less among more than 400 other students.
My friends adviced me not to skip those companies because those companies were good and were paying sufficient money as well, some called me stupid as well. But I was firm and determined.

I took risk, did not go for first two companies not even to attend their introductory talk. I studied well for three days(not more than that, but efficiently).

And the day came, I went for Nvidia aptitude test with incertitude and was not much confident. But when I got paper I went on solving most of the questions. And got selected for interview. The moment of exhilaration when I came to knew I topped the aptitude test. I went on to get selected and I was on cloud nine already.


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