Katraj to Sinhgad(K2S) trek

A perfect day off for me is the day full of activities. Here I preferred to spend it trekking the fort.

Well, I was hesitant to go for such arduous trek at first when asked but I accepted the challenge. The reason for being hesitant was pretty obvious. Because once you start the trek there is no going back. The decision to be taken was binary either go and complete the trek or simply don’t dare. So, I had to prepare my mind.

We started on a beautiful full moon night at 11pm from Katraj. Everybody was exuberant. We crossed the first mountain easily. And I was like, “Ahh, that was easy”. And somebody told me there are 14-15 such more(even difficult ones). Yes there are 14-15 such mountains/hills you have to cross and those are spanned across 12-14 Km.

We started for second and somebody was already tired and afraid. We encouraged her and it worked(there was no going back :P). It was little challenging than first one. We rested for a moment.

We started for third and after that we followed a pattern, we climb the hill, rest at the top and again start climb down and start for next.

The feeling of exaltation you get when you reached the top of the hill is inexplicable. The cold breeze(It was November) touches directly to your heart and you start connecting with nature. We also got the beautiful view of the citylights. Once I felt like the whole city is on trek with me.

After crossing 2-3 hills we were able to see the red light on Sinhgad fort. I felt that’s my goal and it seemed very close. But the fact it was not close. But it was helping us to keep track of our directions to Sinhgad.

We had conversations, I cracked some jokes and doing so we had already crossed 10-11 mountains.Now we were able to see only 2 mountains between Sinhgad and us, but whenever we crossed another we used to see another 2.

By 5:45-6:00 am we were exhausted and had no energy to walk(forget about trekking). Then we rested. The sky started playing with red color and after couple of moments we witnessed the most beautiful sunrise in my life. We all were silent enjoying the sunrise. It had washed away our exhaustion. We were recharged. My trekking was already paid off with sunrise.

Beautiful sunrise seen from some mountain in the journey

Afetr that we crossed 2 hills and we were tooo tired. Then we had tricked our brain that we were not tired. Our patience was being tested, but we did not give up, we couldn’t either even if we wanted.

We started again and reached the fort by 8 am and celebrated it in our own way.

If you ask me how the trek was, I would not undermine it with words like good or nice.

The trek taught many life lessons to me. It taught me not to underestimate myself and not to restrict myself for smaller things. It taught me to be determined and to be patient in difficult situations.


2 thoughts on “Katraj to Sinhgad(K2S) trek

  1. Your trekking expirience was simply awesome and you described it in such way that one may feel as if he/she is currently on the trek while reading this article. You simply depicted all nature shades while your trekking that


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