Going back in time

Whenever I go back to my town, all the memories take me back in time.

The things which were of most importance to me has no importance in my life today. Those are smaller things, but then those were rare and vital for me.
I used to find joy in smaller things, example eating a candy, the joy which used to last for at least a week.
Now even the five/six digit salary or similar things doesn’t give me such joy, they give a little joy with the feelings that won’t last over hours.

A little quantity of crackers used to mean a lot for me. I still vividly remember the fights that I had with my brother for crackers, those fights were painful then, but looking back those are the best of memories I have.

What happened to me over the years? What happened to me?

I want to go back, become a kid and wanna have fights with my brother. I want the long lasting joy of eating candies over money or luxury.

We used to have fights over whose cracker would make more sound, it was beautiful. Now all I hear is the sound of trains, buses and planes competing for noise.

Where was I and where am I?

My dreams were more high than the rocket we fire in Diwali.
I used to have wings, wings of unbounded imagination which used to take me to journey of many dream lands. I miss my wings.

I still remember my happy face when I used to get a new clothes. Now I get it every month but the faded happiness it can’t bring back.

I’m missing The ‘abhyangsnan’, early morning bath after applying the Utane( mixture of turmeric, sandalwood powder etc) on hands, legs and cheecks. Which I used to have during Diwali at hometown. I used to be very enthusiastic about it.

Where is that joy, happiness? Is it still with me? Or left me far behind with memories only?
If it is still within, how to find it?
Is the happiness became complicated? Or is it still simple and we became sophisticated?


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