Devastated And Free!

“Only when we have lost everything; we are free to do anything” – source unknown

Comfort Zone

The most loved area (a pond, believe me) known and loved by us which we naturally are hesitant to leave.

So, it may be a nice(I doubt) job, a daily schedule that we follow or many other things. This comfort zone handcuffs us with pretentious happiness that we carry through out our lives. But deep down something eats us up for not doing ‘that’ right thing.

But we can’t exit this pond because we are happy(at least pretend to be happy) with whatever we have. Actually, we are not ready to cross this bars of comfort zone. We are not ready to give up the things we have(we might have earned those things with great effort, saturated then, uh?) easily. We have a fear of losing something.

Devastated and free to leave a comfort zone

Now imagine that you have nothing no money(financially devastated), had serious relationship issues(emotionally devastated) and many bad things in world. Now, what you have and what you are, nothing. Now you don’t have a fear of losing anything and thus are free to do anything. This will easily help you move out of your pond to an ocean of awesome happenings.


One thought on “Devastated And Free!

  1. First thing first. The quote is from Fight Club:
    Now, I am in complete agreement with your thoughts about comfort zone- the prison we lock ourselves into. But just some food for thought… I think we are too afraid to step out because of a the drastic change it entails. What about extending the boundaries of our prison? A little each day so that some day we are so far away from our comfort zone that you can’t see it over the horizon?
    To be less abstract- try small changes. Loose a habit. Pick up a hobby. Make life interesting by doing something unpredictable once a week.

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